Our Mission

MUHENDISHANE pursues the perfection by gathering the broad-minded proffessionals who believe in scientific know-how based studies.Evaluating the projects at their earliest stages to avoid miscalculations and errors of estimations.Preparing the worksheets, financial analysis, application simulations abiding by these evaluations.

Our Vision

Every project should be assessed in its own context with unique solutions with different approaches. Unlike the principles of mass production, construction design and management require tailor-made solutions for each project. In order to reach sustainable solutions, professionally qualified team, technology and hardwork should meet in construction business.

Our Office

Occupational Health and Safety


The HS Policy is to protect the employees working in MUHENDISHANE, the related construction sites, machinery tools, equipment and offices used, the data produced, environment and individuals around, the just and hard-earned trust and image created on the customers and third parties from the each and every kind of pollution, danger and accident that may result from our business operations and using energy and natural resources efficiently.Of the above mentioned issues, being irrevocable and threat to the safety of human beings is and will always be our overriding concern. For that reason, if and when MUHENDISHANE is faced with a choice, the safety of human beings will always precede cost.

The only way to achieve and sustain "ZERO ACCIDENT" target of MUHENDISHANE to embed out HS Policy across a documented and continuously improved management system that can ve implemented independen of individuals.